Xela Pack is proud to introduce the XP-FFS-5. Built by Gentile Packaging Machinery, the XP-FFS-5 is form, fill, & seal production machinery that allows you to produce environmentally conscious Xela Packs in your own facility.

About the XP-FFS-5

Updated Controls
•  New 15” HMI for easy operation and monitoring
•  Faster PLC, valves and components
•  Alarms for all vital functions
•  Recipes for setting up repeat products
•  Dedicated IP connection for remote services
Heating System
•  New heating system for more accurate temperature control
•  Junction Boxes for cleaner setup and assembly
Pressure Regulation
•  New pressure controls to monitor and maintain sealing jaw pressures to ensure quality seals
•  Shut down mode if pressures are not maintained
Multiple Coding Options
•  Inkjet Coding now available
•  Embossed Coding
•  Machine can be built with both options
Larger Frame Accommodations
•  Full machine enclosure
•  Partial machine enclosure
•  Light curtains or other automated enclosure systems can be added if needed
Additional Updates
•  Improved filling system interface
•  Better safety features
•  Faster production speeds

Specifications & Requirements

Estimated Production Speeds
•  35+ Xela Packs per minute
•  Approximately 20,000 – 25,000 Xela Packs per 12 hour shift (depending on size, style, and product)
Electrical & Air Requirements
•  230v, Three Phase, 60 Amp minimum
•  100 psi clean dry air
Additional Requirements
•  Chiller needed for sealing jaw coolant system
– SMC HRS024-A-20
•  20 gallon reservoir air tank

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