The 15ml Xela Pill & Powder Pack is used for tablets, capsules and other types of pills and small solids as well as powders, granulated products, extra thick pastes and two part scrubs. The 15ml Pill/Powder Pack is similar to the 15ml Xela Pack sample in size, but it has a flat top that extends the entire width of the sample. The entire top portion is perforated to bend and tear. The 15ml Pill/Powder Pack can be used to package about 7 size 1 tablets. The amount of powder or granulated product that can be packaged in the Pill/Powder Pack varies depending on product characteristics such as density and moisture.

The 15ml Pill and Powder Xela Pack can be constructed using all three of our material choices: Virgin paper, PCRP Kraft and PCRP White.