For Product Companies



Xela Pack can work with your company to create an environmentally conscious amenities program that will truly stand up to the environmental analysis by any property or organization.

Choose one or several of your lines, stock or custom, to be packaged into the Xela Pack. Our minimums are low and our team is eager and ready to assist.

All products are produced in a pharmaceutical grade clean room with high quality standards and exceptional product handling. Standard and custom sizes and styles are available to enhance your line.

Simply send us a sample of the products that you would like packaged and we can provide complimentary samples for your review. If you send us an example of the art, we will do mock-ups so you can see how your art could look on the Xela Pack. When you are ready to move forward, you send your finished artwork and bulk products and we take care of the rest. We can put them into custom boxes or kits and drop ship directly to your properties.

For Properties & Locations



Xela Pack can provide an entire environmental amenities line custom made and exclusive to your property.

We begin with the creation and development of the bulk product formulated to meet your preferences and your budget. We then work with your art department or use our own graphics company to create a graphic presentation to compliment your rooms décor.

Finally we add ancillary items such as shower caps, or vanity sets or anything else you want to provide to your guests all using the most environmental products available.

We make it simple but better yet we make it the way you want it – and all with the environmental benefit that you can share with your guests. It is a choice that will set you apart from the rest and enhance your guests overall perception of your property.


Environmental Benefits of Using the Xela Pack for Your Amenities

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