Advantages and Environmental Benefits of the Xela Pack

Waste Reducing: The Xela Pack is fully collapsible. 100 empty one ounce XelaPacks occupy only 32 cubic inches as opposed to 432 cubic inches occupied
by the same number of empty plastic bottles. This represents a 92% reduction in waste space.

Reduction in Packing Materials: The Xela Pack uses less material overall than a bottle or tube. By weight, the Xela Pack represents a reduction in
packaging materials of approximately 59% compared to bottles.

Reduction in Plastic: The Xela Pack uses approximately 93% less plastic than similar sized bottles and tubes. Plastic is harmful to our environment and
reduction of plastic use is an environmental necessity.

BPA Free: The Xela Pack is BPA free which will be a comfort to even your most environmentally aware guests.

Less Residual Waste: An average plastic bottle after use contains approximately 20-30% leftover product. The Xela Pack, however, allows full dispersal of the
product, leaving behind only about 1% of the product after use.

Recycled Materials/SFI Certified: The Xela Pack is made of a paper/foil/poly or paper/poly construction. Our standard material is made with SFI and FSC
sourced paper. Xela Packs constructed with 100% post consumer recycled paper are also available.

Less Space Consuming: The XelaPack takes up approximately 20% less space before use and is lighter than a plastic bottle. A standard size case will hold
250 one-ounce Xela Packs and only around 216 one-ounce plastic bottles dependent on the shape. This translates into a reduction in cardboard, shrink-
wrap, pallets, and fuel needed to transport the product.

Guest Recognition: Consumers and guests are becoming increasingly more aware of environmental issues and will appreciate the real effort your
property is making. The Xela Pack complements other environmental programs giving your location a well rounded approach to
environmental commitment.

Recycling Program Available: Xela Packs can be recycled or upcycled by third party companies (ie Terracycle). Items such as hangers or waste baskets can
be made from the recycled PaperBottles and used in rooms.

Incineration: The 2 layer structure (paper/poly) allows you to incinerate the Xela Pack after use.

Water-Soluble Ink and Varnish: Water-soluble ink and varnish eliminate harmful pollutants caused by other types of ink and varnish.

Cartons: Xela Packs are packaged in 100% PCR corrugated for shipping.

Graphic Capabilities: The Xela Pack PaperBottle can be printed with up to 7 colors plus a UV varnish. In addition, there is about 30% more print area on a
one-ounce Xela Pack than on a one ounce plastic bottle.

Shelf Life: The Xela Pack’s laminate offers excellent barrier capabilities. The self-closing orifice prevents air from entering the Xela Pack after initial use,
keeping your products fresh for multiple uses.

Drain Friendly: The New 22mL Xela Pack ONE can be opened without completely tearing off the tab, keeping the Xela Pack in one piece so bathroom sinks
and tubs don’t get clogged by tabs or tamper evident seals used with other types of packaging.

Tamper-Evident: The Xela Pack is always tamper-evident without requiring an additional seal or material.

Variety: There are many sizes and styles of Xela Pack PaperBottles to choose from. Xela Pack also offers many options such as custom shaping to keep
your products unique.

Quality: Our packaging withstands rigorous testing for compatibility and stability.

Service: Xela Pack’s packaging consultants offer excellent customer service and support.

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