Xela Oceania is the first company ever to be licensed by Xela Pack, Inc. to produce the environmentally conscious Xela Pack.
They are now the exclusive supplier of Xela Packs in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands,
marking the first time ever that a Xela Pack will be produced outside of Saline, MI.

All Xela Packs are Environmentally Conscious
•  Reducing Material & Product Waste •
•  90% Less Plastic than Bottles •
•  Fully Collapsible after Use •
•  Made with SFI & FSC Sourced Fibers •
•  Self-Closing for Multiple Doses •

Xela Packs are Perfect for Many Types of Packaging
•  Product Sampling •
•  Small Retail Packaging •
•  Hospitality Amenities •
•  On-the-Go Products •

If you’re in the Oceania area and would like to purchase Xela Packs from Xela Oceania, please visit their website below.

Xela Oceania

If you are interested in becoming an exclusive supplier of Xela Packs in your country or region,
please fill out the form below and we will contact you promptly.