We are a packaging company.

Our main goal is to provide product companies with an attractive, affordable and functional sample package while paying utmost respect to the earth. For this reason, our customer support and sales team is our greatest asset. They are here to help product companies determine the best possible sampling vehicle for their products – whether it be a creamy cosmetic, an oily exfoliant or a simple shampoo.

The sales team at Xela Pack can help you determine what type of package will be best for your product promotion…

The Model

Product companies do not just order stock pieces from Xela Pack. The process of working with Xela Pack is a little more detailed in the planning, and a lot more effective in the final stages. The following is a model of how a company would work with Xela Pack to achieve the ultimate sampling promotion for their products.

The Total Package

Above is the basic model of Xela Pack’s services, however, Xela Pack has recently developed an intensive program called The Total Package which offers design and decision help on any or all levels of the project. From artwork to sample style, from size to quantity, from the primary sample to secondary and tertiary packaging options, your Xela Pack sales representative can help you with every step of the way.