Xela Pack is a Leader in Environmentally Conscious Packaging Innovation.

We specialize in producing a unique, environmentally conscious alternative to plastic bottles and tubes, known as the Xela Pack PaperBottle®, or simply the Xela Pack®. Our customers send us their product and their artwork, and we provide them with finished packages, produced here in Saline, MI.

Xela Pack was started by Al and Cathy Gentile in 1986, under the name Genpack USA (changed to Xela Pack in 1994). Al had been building custom packaging machinery since 1967 under the name Gentile Packaging Machinery, and in 1986 they decided they would start another company that would produce environmentally conscious packaging for companies throughout the United States and abroad.

Today, with over 30 years of experience with the Xela Pack, the Gentile family continues to expand and perfect our packaging line and our company, with a continued commitment to the environment, our customers and our employees.