2013 SOFI Gold Winner

Outstanding Innovation in Packaging Design or Function
Specialty Foods

These convenient grab-and-go packets made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper and 100 percent water-soluble ink, are filled with pure, raw tupelo honey harvested only a few weeks each year from the Apalachicola River Basin in North Florida. Each 10-milliliter packet has a hive code that lets consumers trace the honey to the bee yard of origin. Ideal for travelers, athletes and kids. Read more…

Awards Salute Excellence in Beauty Packaging

By: Jenni Spinner
Packaging Digest

HBA Global, a product development source for the beauty and personal care industry, has announced the finalists of its Annual International Package Design Awards (IPDA). The IPDA Finalists are displayed during the HBA Global Expo & Conference, June 19-21, and the IPDA Winners will be announced at the HBA 20th Anniversary Celebration on Tuesday, June 19 from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. in the Special Events Hall of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York. Read more…

Creating Brand Impact With Sample Packaging

By: Aniko Hill
CGI Magazine

In the world of branding, packaging can be one of the most important touch points a consumer interacts with before making a purchase. For lesser-known or start-up companies, packaging is often the first brand touch point a consumer interacts with and can be one of the only opportunities to make an impact. Even for well-known brands, the tactility of a package—along with the brand story and message—can often influence a purchase decision. In sample packaging, this idea is taken to the extreme. Read more…

Xela Pack Gets Demand for Eco-Friendly Items

By: MTKolar

Xela Pack Inc. has produced eco-friendly packaging for two decades, but now the Saline-area manufacturer faces surging demand for packaging made from recycled materials from such diverse clients as cruise lines and the makers of herbal pet shampoo. Read more…

Salons Sample New Pack

By: Jim Butschli
Packaging World

“We wanted to have something unusual to give to our customers as samples, and this promotion has been a good one for us,” says Regis public relations manager Andrea Johnson.

The sample packs used by Regis come from Xela Pack®, Inc. (Bridgewater, MI). The material used to make them has a total thickness of 12 mils. From the outside in, it consists of paper/linear low-density pe/foil/LLDPE sealant.

Xela Pack refers to these packages as “Coupon Packs.” It forms them from flat, die-cut blanks provided by an unidentified vendor that prints the paper in five colors plus varnish, via letterpress. Read more…